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Joie Savvy

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Joie Savvy

Carry your precious cargo in comfort. Keep baby close in the ergonomic carrier that makes babywearing all about hugging, not lugging.

Back comfort support

Lighten the load with a smart and secure strap that distributes weight evenly and adjusts easily for a finetuned
fit. With padded and plush shoulder straps, putting your back into it has never felt so comfortable.

4in1 carrying positions

4in1 carrying positions offer baby optimal support and a change of scenery all while keeping them close. Wear them up front facing you or facing out (with or without their integrated infant booster) or tote them on your back once they’ve grown a bit bigger.

Easy on, easy off

Clever magnetic buckles on the shoulder straps allow you to easily put on and adjust the
carrier by yourself, no arm twisting or extra set of hands necessary. Babywearing shouldn’t be a puzzle – the Savvy makes it a snap.

C shape spin support

Careful engineering cradles your infant’s naturally C-shaped spine, hugging them in their favourite fetal position that’s best for both snuggling and developing. The Savvy is mindfully designed to keep babies calm and comfortable, curled up close with reduced pressure on tiny hips and backs.

Ergonomic M shape

Optimal support lets your little one sit smart in an ergonomic M-shaped position that promotes healthy spine and hip development, certified hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Mercerized cotton

Silky mercerized cotton is crafted to be extra soft against delicate baby skin, snugly cocooning your little travel bug.


  • 4 modes of carry
  • Easily place child in and out
  • Easy on and off for parent
  • Supportive back strap
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Spinal C-shape for correct spinal development
  • M-Shape for correct hip development
  • Attached hood to protect from the sun
  • Windshield to protect from the elements
  • Additional infant head support built in
  • Fits most sizes with adjustable buckles
  • Extra soft mercerized cotton
  • Easy clean infant bibs included
  • Airy and lightweight fabrics
  • Machine washable


Model: V1907AA
Dimension: W 35-76 x L 61-91 cm
Waistband: 56-148 cm
Weight: 0.97 kg
Usage: 3.5 to 16kg
Certification: EN 13209-2:2015

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