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  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_RtAng_1541_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_RtAng_RC_1542_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_Hero_1537_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_Pro_Long_1487_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_Recline_1490_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_Folded_Pro_1558_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCLRL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Laurel_Folded_1567_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_RtAng_1550_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Hero_1532_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Pro_Long_1516_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Pro_Open_1520_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Pro_CC_1527_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Pro_CS_1524_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Folded_1565_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Coal_Folded_Pro_1556_cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_RtAng_1544_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Hero_1535_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Pro_Long_1503_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Open_1507_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Pro_CS_1510_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Pro_CC_1512_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Folded_1566_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCDSE000_Litetrax_4_DLX_Deep_Sea_Folded_Pro_1559_Cs_cc_HR.jpg
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_RtAng_1550_cs_cc_HR
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_Pro_Long_1516_cs_cc_HR
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_Pro_Open_1520_cs_cc_HR
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_Folded_Pro_1556_cs_cc_HR
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_Folded_1565_cs_cc_HR
  • S1112VCGFL000_Litetrax_4_DLX_GrayFlannel_RtAng_RC_1551_cs_cc_HR

Joie Litetrax 4 dlx

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Joie Litetrax 4 dlx

A trendy transporter with a fuss free fold. Conveniently located one-hand instant fold packs up in a flash. Lights out flat recline, super shady extendable canopy, and SoftTouch harness welcome the tiniest riders. Modern styling upgraded for comfort and convenience with a parent tray, SoftTouch harness, and shop till you drop basket.


  • One hand, quick compact fold is easily accessed in the middle of seat
  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat
  • Pairs perfectly with gemm and i-Gemm infant seats, no adapters needed
  • 4-wheel streamlined chassis
  • Extremely compact in folded position, fits perfectly in small boots
  • Automatic fold lock
  • One hand, smooth recline system ensures you won't wake a sleeping baby
  • Multi-position, flat reclining seat and adjustable leg rest provide cosy resting options
  • UPF 50+ sun and water repellent canopy
  • Large, expandable hood provides ultra shade options
  • Cupholder
  • All wheel suspension for a smoother ride on rough surfaces
  • Locking single front swivel wheels
  • Secure, removable bumper bar keeps child safe
  • Single step, ShoeSaver brakes keep shoes scuff free
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness system adjusts to 3 heights


Model: S1112
Open size: 99 cm x 61 cm x 107.5 cm
Folded size: 61 cm x 31.2 cm x 79.3 cm
Product weight: 10.65 kg
Usage: birth to 22 kg
Testing certification: EN 1888-2:2018

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