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Child Passenger Safety Malaysia

Child passenger safety is essential. It should be mandatory for those who have children, and own cars, to have car seats installed. At this time, seeing children, without seat belts in the backseat, or sitting on their parents' lap, is a far too common occurrence currently in Malaysia.

What is the Child Safety Seat Issue?

Malaysian Consumers Association president Datuk Amarjit Singh Gill, mentioned that passenger safety applies to children and adults. He intelligently mentioned that it's important for steps to be taken to make seat belts compulsory. This is because such a mandate would save many young lives. The amendment that is being pushed and revised at this time is the Road Transport Act of 1987. 

Why are Child Safety Seats Important?

Child safety seats lower the risk of car accident deaths in babies by seventy one percent. It reduces the risk of child accident car related accident deaths by fifty-four percent. This is for children between one and five years old. Because people are in their vehicles, and aware of only themselves usually, they do not realize that there are thousands of cars, buses, motorcycles and other vehicles on the road every day. 

They are not aware of the fact that children are at a dangerous risk when they are not wearing seatbelts. It's very much like a ticking time bomb, according to Datuk Amarjit Singh Gill. Even cars traveling at low speeds, and collisions happening in these conditions, could prove fatal to infants and children. In a collision, children become like bullets that ricochet within a car, finally being flung out at high speed through a window. This usually, unfortunately, proves fatal. 

Are Children Safe In the Front Seat?

Children are not safe in the front seat. Children are not safe when placed on the parent's lap in the front seat as well. A child is safest in the back seat and strapped safely within a child safety seat. These measures prevent a child from being hurled toward the front windshield from the back of the seat.

What Should Parents Look for When Considering a Car Seat?

Parents need to see what kind of ISOFIX and top tether the car is equipped with. Then they have to find a safety seat that matches these specifications so that the car seat is a good, proper and safe fit. Crash specialists suggest that parents search for the orange sticker label that mentions the R-44 specifications. This label signifies that the car seat is up to the EC regulation United Nation standards. Many stores and infant/childcare markets sell safety seats. About eighty percent of these comply. 

Ultimately, in Malaysia, there is an effort to enforce the regulations involving car seats. Many feel that these enforcements will help improve Malaysia roads. Even in the rules are in place, it's necessary to enforce them, or it will defeat the purpose of the whole movement. One of the important changes that need to be implemented for any of this to take place would be to have all cars, from now on, have child seat lock fittings, as many vehicles do not have these necessary accessories.

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