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Joie Signature Finiti

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Joie Signature Finiti 

Perfection in action Growth potential meets go potential. The driver of your dreams with tons of ways to use and fun ways to fold. 

Roll with it. All systems go.

Every way to ride is effortless, from cradling, to carrying, to cruising either way.

Tiny Boot? No problem.

One of the few pram-pushchairs that folds to fit the smallest of spaces with the seat on and with it facing either way.

Folds with flourish

No need to double over as you fold up, thanks to a handy quick release right on the back of the seat.

Carefree that’s me

And you will be too, when you feel how light this big driver is to lift at only 11.21 kg.

Let’s bounce

The bumpier the better with a springy flex™ comfort seat that smooths out the bumps right in the seat and right where it matters most.

Flat out chill

For brand new baby or sleepy time toddlers, the fully lie-flat tilting seat is ready for rolling and relaxing.


• 4in1 multitasker cleverly combines carry cot, infant carrier and forward or rearward facing seat all in one
• Whether the seat is fastened forward or rearward, this pushchair tucks closed and stands ready to store with a quick tug
• Handy quick release right on the back of the seat allows for easy fold up
• Lightweight at just 11.21 kg
• Innovative flex comfort engineered for the smoothest ride
• Lie-flat recline creates a cosy haven
• PunctureProof™ sleek yet robust foam filled rubber tyres
• Extra-large all-access storage basket accommodates
• Adjustable calf support with two cosy positions
• UPF 50+ and water repellant canopy
• Expandable canopy with ventilation
• Silky smooth all wheel suspension
• Rich woven fabrics
• Soft-touch 5 point harness with 3 adjustable heights
• Autoclick™ magnetic buckle
• Quick action one touch brake
• Detachable bum bag attached to basket
• Cupholder


Model: S1606
Product weight: 11.21 kg
Open Size: L 91 x W 63 x H 111 cm
Folded Size: L 68 x W 63 x H 43 cm
Product usage: Birth to 22kg
Testing certification: EN 1888-2:2018

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