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snskidz Sport Plus

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snskidz Sport Plus

Style meets comfort, function and quality in this value for money car seat suitable from newborn until 36kg (around 12 years old).



- Group 0+/1/2/3 multi-stage car seat
- Suitable for newborn to 36kg
- Extended rear-facing from newborn to 18kg
- Forward facing from 9kg to 18kg (recommended forward facing only from 15 months onwards)
- Highback booster mode from 15kg to 36kg (recommended minimum 4+ years old)
- 4 recline positions: 1 rear-facing and 3 forward-facing
- 13 position height adjustable headrest
- One-hand adjustable headrest and harness system
- 5-point no-rethread harness up to 18kg
- Easily adjustable harness system tightens in one pull
- Plush removable infant head and body support
- Non-slip shoulder harness pads
- Padded lower buckle cover for baby's comfort
- 2 position buckle slot to accommodate growing child
- Removable & washable fabric cover
- Simple installation with the vehicle's 3-point seat belt
- Built-in lock-off clip for easy installation
- Well-marked, colour-coded installation paths
- Slim and compact base perfect for smaller cars


Usage: Newborn to 36kg
Rear-facing: Newborn to 18kg
Forward-facing with 5-point harness: 9kg to 18kg
Forward-facing highback booster mode: 15kg to 36kg
Installation: 3-point vehicle seat belt
Product Dimension: 44cm (W) X 56-75cm (H) X 55-76cm (D)
Product Weight: 5.1kg
Testing certification: ECE R44/04
MIROS QR Code: CRS 026385
Warranty: 1 year manufacturing warranty + lifetime free service warranty



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