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  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_right_angle_reclined_003_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_right_angle_recline_sip_002_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_right_angle_reclined_004_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_iSpin_XL_Oyster_041_cs_cc_WB_HR
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_headrest_fully_extended_009_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_hero_sip_019_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_hero_sip_020_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_hero_sip_021_1_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_iSpin_XL_Oyster_039_cs_cc_WB_HR
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_hero_headrest_extended_sip__023_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_profile_on_base_017_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_profile_reclined_013_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_profile_headrest_extended_012_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_profile_headrest_extended_010_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_inserts_030_1_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_isofix_037_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAOYS000_ispinxl_oyster_load_leg_038_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_right_angle_reclined_sip_010_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_right_angle_reclined_sip_014_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_033_cs_cc_WB_HR
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_right_angle_headrest_extended_sip_003_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_hero_sip_022_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_031_cs_cc_WB_HR
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_hero_headrest_extended_024_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_profile_reclined_017_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAECL000_ispinxl_eclipse_profile_027_CC_HR_WB
  • C2205AAPNE000_ispinxl_pine_right_angle_base_011_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAPNE000_ispinxl_pine_right_angle_base_015_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAPNE000_ispinxl_pine_hero_headrest_extended_008_CC_V2_HR_WB
  • C2205AAPNE000_ispinxl_pine_profile_base_024_CC_V1_HR_WB
  • C2205AAPNE000_ispinxl_pine_profile_headrest_extended_006_CC_V1_HR_WB

Joie Signature i-Spin XL

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Joie Signature i-Spin XL

360º multi-age car seat

The only car seat you’ll ever need! You can count on i-Spin™️ XL to stay steady through every outing from birth all the way up to age 12, with a seamless 360º spin and an automatically adjusting harness and headrest that accommodates every growth spurt.


A seat that does it all

The i-Spin™ XL truly does it all: A 360° spin makes it easy to buckle your child in, whether you have a fragile infant or a wiggly toddler. This one-seat wonder grows along with your child all the way from birth to 12 years old, fitting both babies and big kids comfortably and simplifying each car ride from the newborn days almost up until the teen years!


Safe as can be

The i-Spin™ XL is i-Size certified (an enhancement of the ECER129 safety standard), which means that it’s guaranteed to fit on the back seat of any i-Size approved vehicle, leaving very little room for misfits or installation errors.


Made to grow

Weekly growth spurts are no match for a 14-position headrest and harness that adjust simultaneously with one hand. Fit your child quickly and confidently with the simple push of a button and spare yourself the tedious belt rethreading!


4 ways to ride

The 5-point harness adjusts effortlessly for a custom fit, keeping your child correctly and comfortably positioned when they ride rearward, with, or without the infant insert from birth to 4 years (40-105cm tall), and forward facing from 15 months to 4 years (76-105cm tall.) The harness and load leg easily tuck away when your child is ready to transition to belted booster mode at 105cm.



  • Tri-Protect™ headrest offers security with three layers of protection inside the wings, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam.
  • Guard Surround Safety™ pod for optimal side impact protection
  • Steel reinforced ISOFIX connectors attach firmly to vehicle anchor points
  • Swivel lock off on either side of the base prevents you from turning the car seat forward facing. Rear-facing is required until at least 15 months.
  • 5-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers easily tighten with one pull motion
  • Reinforced steel shell for structural integrity in a crash


  • 5-position recline is usable on-the-go both rearward and forward facing
  • Grow-with-me infant insert has 3 individual pieces for a custom fit at any stage
  • Built-in side and back ventilation enhances airflow for the child
  • Plush, deluxe cushioning and breathable fabrics


  • 360º seat rotation makes for easy buckling in and out of the vehicle
  • Simple Swivel™ turning activator is positioned where you naturally reach for an effortless spin
  • AutoAdjust™ side wings expand as the headrest is raised for more room in neck and shoulders
  • Low rebound bar creates ample space for growing legs
  • One-hand, 14 position GrowTogether™ headrest and harness system adjust simultaneously and requires no re-threading of harness
  • Harness Hideaway compartments store the 5-point harness when using in booster mode
  • Buckle retention magnets keep the harness buckles positioned to the side of the seat for easier loading


  • ISOFIX and load leg are used in harness mode while rear facing and forward facing
  • ISOFIX is used for booster mode - harness and load leg are stored away within the seat
  • 21 position load leg ensures the car seat is stabilized in various vehicle makes and models


  • Model: C2205
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Usage:
    • Rear facing with 5-point harness: 40-105cm
    • Forward facing with 5-point harness: 76-105cm
    • Forward facing with 3-point vehicle seat belt: 100-150cm
    • 360º spinning feature: birth to 105cm/approx. 4 years
  • Size:
    • Forward facing: L 54.5cm | W 52.5cm | H 85cm
    • Rear facing: L 69.5cm | W 52.5cm | H 71.5cm
  • Testing certification: ECE R129/03

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