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Joie Signature Calmi R129

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calmi™ R129

lie-flat car cot

Not just any cot! Journey longer with calmi™ R129 – a car seat while you roll, a carry cot while you stroll, and a safe haven everywhere in between.

R129 Safety Standards

This deluxe R129 car cot meets the highest safety standards, coupling a car seat’s security with a carry cot’s cosiness for on-the-go dozing that’s never been so safe and snug. Lying flat in this luxurious lounger, your baby will be nestled safely in a better position for healthy sleep and spinal development, and their head will be positioned in the safest point in the vehicle – and the farthest point away from the back passenger doors.

180° lie flat

This plush and cushioned 180° lie-flat cot creates a cosy haven and provides better oxygen flow for safer snoozing on the go. With baby snuggled up and lying back in a position that’s better for spinal development, long naps in the car and seamless transitions to the pushchair mean you can journey longer without interrupting baby.

Light sleeper

Weighing no more than a regular carrycot, this 3.6kg lightweight is heavy on comfort and safety but not on bulk, which makes transfers and loading up effortless.

Travel system ready

Pair with a matching Joie Signature aeria or finiti pushchairs, the versatrax, (or even another brand’s stroller, using Maxi-Cosi adapters!) for a sleek and stylish hook-up made for snoozing right through baby’s first outings. No need to switch seats when travel plans move from car to kerb – flawless transitions keep baby sleeping soundly.


  • R129 certified
  • Suitable lateral facing from 40-70 cm, up to 9 kg ( approx. 6 months)
  • Pairs with i-Base™ lx 2 and i-Base™ Encore
  • 180º lie flat car cot doubles as a car seat and carrycot
  • Travel system compatible with Joie versatrax, finiti, and aeria
  • Full coverage, UPF 50+ canopy is water repellent and includes a mesh peekaboo window
  • Lightweight design at just 3.6 kg for easy transfers from car to pushchair to home
  • Easily accessible release buttons on the side of cot
  • Infant body and head support securely cradle the littlest babies
  • 3-point harness with soft, padded covers
  • One pull motion easily tightens the 3-point harness
  • Storage pockets on the inside and outside of the cot
  • 3-position adjustable handlebar
  • Removable top cover
  • Plush cushioning and knit fabrics
  • Washable covers
  • Built-in ventilation


Model: C2105

Weight: 3.6 kg

Usage: 40-70 cm, 9 kg

Hood up: l 82.4 cm x w 44.8 cm x h 60.6 cm

Hood down: l 82.4 cm x w 44.8 cm x h 30.5 cm

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