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  • C1817CACOL000_i_Snug2_Coal_RtAng_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CACOL000_i_Snug2_Coal_Hero_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CACOL000_i_Snug2_Coal_Hero2_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CACOL000_i_Snug2_Coal_Hero3_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CACOL000_i_Snug2_Coal_Pro_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817AAGFL000_iSnug_GrayFlannel_RtAng_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAGFL000_GRAY_FLANNEL_i_Snug_2_Hero_4088_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAGFL000_GRAY_FLANNEL_i_Snug_2_Hero3_4093_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAGFL000_GRAY_FLANNEL_i_Snug_2_Hero2_4092_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAGFL000_GRAY_FLANNEL_i_Snug_2_Pro_4079_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CALRL000_iSnug2_Laurel_RtAng_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CALRL000_iSnug2_Laurel_Hero_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CALRL000_iSnug2_Laurel_LtAng_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CALRL000_iSnug2_Laurel_Pro_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CASHA000_i_Snug2_Shale_RtAng_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CASHA000_i_Snug2_Shale_Hero_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CASHA000_i_Snug2_Shale_Hero2_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CASHA000_i_Snug2_Shale_Hero3_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CASHA000_i_Snug2_Shale_Pro_Cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAPEB000_i-Snug_Pebble_RtAng_Cs_cc_HR (1)
  • C1817CAPEB000_i-Snug_Pebble_Hero2_cs_cc_HR (1)
  • C1817CAPEB000_i-Snug_Pebble_Hero3_cs_cc_HR (1)
  • C1817CAPEB000_i-Snug_Pebble_Hero_cs_cc_HR (1)
  • C1817CAPEB000_i-Snug_Pebble_Pro_cs_cc_HR (1)
  • C1817CAMNL000_I-Snug2_Moonlight_RtAng_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAMNL000_I-Snug2_Moonlight_Hero2_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAMNL000_I-Snug2_Moonlight_Hero3_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAMNL000_I-Snug2_Moonlight_Hero_cs_cc_HR
  • C1817CAMNL000_I-Snug2_Moonlight_Pro_cs_cc_HR

Joie i-Snug 2

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Joie i-Snug 2

A weightless wonder as one of the lightest i-Size certified baby car seats available. Weighing in at only 3.35 kg, this on-the-go pro is incredibly light to the touch but intensely strong in safety.

spin system ready

Part of the Encore Spinning System when paired with the i-Base™ Encore. The spinning i-Base™ Encore adds a 90º spin to i-Snug™ 2 and can be used for the next four years when you transition to the i-Harbour™ i-Size toddler seat.

first ride home foam

Exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest offers security in the form of three intentional layers of protection inside the side wings and infant pillow.

travel system ready

Pairs perfectly with select Joie pushchairs, and with other pushchairs using Maxi-Cosi® style adapters


  • Meets the highest ECE R129/03 safety standard, plus side impact testing
  • i-Size certification for a perfect fit in i-Size approved vehicles
  • Suitable rearward facing from birth to 75cm, approximately 12 months
  • Pairs with the i-Base™ Encore to add a 90º spin and is part of a spinning system that grows from birth to 4 years
  • Pairs with i-Base™ 2, i-Base™ lx 2, i-Base Encore, and i-Base™ Advance
  • Pairs with i-Base™ Advance as part of the i-Venture System
  • Adjustable headrest grows with your baby to create a custom fit
  • 3-point harness with shoulder and lower buckle covers easily tightens with one pull motion
  • Tri-Protect™ headrest with three layers of foam including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam in the infant pillow
  • Cosy infant pillow for snug fit for newborns
  • Curved base allows for rocking and relaxing
  • Multi-position, ergonomic carry handle
  • Machine washable covers and inserts
  • UPF 50+ and water repellent sun canopy
  • Attaches to compatible Joie pushchairs with adapters to form a travel system


Model: C1817

Product weight: 3.35kg

Product size: l 65 x w 43.5x h 57cm

Product usage: birth to 75cm

Testing certification: ECE R129/03

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