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  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_reclined_008_CS_CC_HR_WB
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  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_carrycot_010_CS_CC_HR_WB
  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_adapters_026_CS_CC_HR_WB
  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_aerial_window_027_CS_CC_HR_WB
  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_buckle_zoom_019_CS_CC_HR_WB
  • S2112AAOYS000_parcel_oyster_seat_zoom_021_CS_CC_HR_WB
  • S2112AAECL000_parcel_eclipse_right_angle_001_CS_WB_HR
  • S2112AAECL000_Parcel_Eclipse_hero_Cs_cc_WB_HR
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  • S2112AAECL000_Parcel_Eclipse_profile_reclined_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAECL000_Parcel_Eclipse_folded_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAECL000_Parcel_Eclipse_profile_ics_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAECL000_Parcel_Eclipse_profile_carry_cot_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_parcel_pine_right_angle_001_CS_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_hero_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_profile_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_profile_recline2_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_folded_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_profile_carry_cot_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AAPNE000_Parcel_Pine_profile_ics_Cs_cc_WB_HR
  • S2112AACBN000_parcel_carbon_right_angle_002_CS_WB_HR
  • S2112AACBN000_Parcel_Carbon_hero_BW_HR
  • S2112AACBN000_Parcel_Carbon_profile_BW_HR
  • S2112AACBN000_Parcel_Carbon_profile_reclined_BW_HR
  • S2112AACBN000_Parcel_Carbon_folded_BW_HR
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Joie Signature Parcel

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Joie Signature Parcel 

Lightweight 3in1 stroller

Anywhere, anytime and any mood, parcel™ is always travel ready with an easily activated compact fold.

Lighweight and extended usage

No more heaving and hefting – This 6.9 kg lightweight is designed to roll for years and it’s effortless to lift and store.

Compact fold

Made for when your hands are full and your storage is limited, this lightweight stroller quickly collapses into a compact fold that’s perfect for tucking in small spaces or carrying on public transport.

From teeny to 22 kg

Parcel’s extended usage lets you think long term – with seating up to 22 kg, this 3in1 is the only stroller you’ll need for years of adventures with your growing travel partner.

3 modes in one

With carry cot, infant carrier and forward facing modes you can create a deluxe 3in1 travel system that meets your child’s needs from birth to big kid.

Customised comfort

Whether your growing child wants to lay flat and sleep, kick back and relax or sit upright to take in the sites, you can finetune the seat to meet their needs.

Autoclick™ magnetic buckle

Autoclick™ buckles use magnets to cleverly and securely fasten your child.


  • Certified usage from birth to 22 kg
  • Featherweight at just 6.9 kg
  • 3 strollers in one with compatible infant carrier and carry cot (sold separately)
  • Car seat compatible: gemm™, i-Gemm™ 3, i-Level™ Recline, i-Snug™ 2 fit with ease with included adapters
  • Carry cot compatible: ramble™ and ramble™ XL fit with ease with included adapters
  • Lie-flat recline creates a cosy haven from baby to toddler
  • One-touch braking system
  • UPF 50+ canopy keeps the sunshine at bay
  • Water repellant canopy make sure the rainy day never gets in the way
  • Clever autoclick™ magnetic buckles that secure your little one
  • Multiple recline options to keep them comfortable
  • Adjustable leg rest with cushy calf support
  • Plush comfort with SoftTouch 5-point harness
  • Mesh window on back of pushchair for increased airflow
  • Quick action one handed fold creates a compact freestanding package
  • Carry bag included for easy transport
  • Lockable front swivel wheels tackle the toughest terrain
  • Storage basket designed to easily accommodate every item
  • Peekaboo window to keep an eye on baby


  • Model: S2112
  • Weight: 6.9 kg
  • Usage: birth to 22 kg
  • Open: L 83.1 x W 47.1 x H 106 cm
  • Folded: L 66.1 x W 47.1 x H 24.3 cm

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