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Joie Mimzy Snacker

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Joie Mimzy Snacker Malaysia

A sweet and savory mealtime must-have with a one-hand fold. With a compact fold and no-fuss features, teatime with a toddler is made easy.

One-hand fold easily accessed in the seat closes up ultra flat in an instant. Dishwasher safe tray and unique tray storage on back legs make cleaning up a breeze.

Recline and relax all the way up with 3 tilt options.


  • One-hand, quick compact fold is easily accessed in the middle of seat
  • Streamlined design with full-sized features
  • Stands while folded for easy storage
  • Unique tray storage on back of seat
  • Tray with cupholder adjusts to three depths to accommodate children of all shapes and sizes
  • 3-position seat recline
  • Large storage basket
  • Removable, wipeable seat pad
  • SoftTouch, 5-point harness system keeps baby secure and adjusts to 3 heights


Model: H1127

Open Size: l 90.2cm x w 59.5cm x h 102.5cm

Folded Size: l 29.5cm x w 50.2cm x h 91cm

Product Usage: 6 months to 15kg

Product Weight: 6.52kg

Testing Certification: EN 14988:2912

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