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Axkid Minikid

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Axkid Minikid

Axkid Minikid has been designed to provide the best possible safety and comfort for both small and large children, enabling your child to travel rear-facing for as long as possible.


What’s more, if you need a flexible solution suitable for an active family with several children, Axkid Minikid is an even better choice. This car seat can easily be used for both smaller and larger children. The headrest and integrated harness are automatically adjusted to the child’s height and size when you tighten the belt. The car seat also has five reclining positions to enable your child to sit as comfortably as possible. Safe, secure and comfortable! 

The Axkid Minikid comes with the innovative side impact protection - ASIP (Axkid Side Impact Protection), developed together with a recognized crash institute in Germany, providing the best possible protection for the child in the event of a side impact collision. ASIP should be used on the side of the car seat that is facing the car’s door. When using the car seat in the middle, ASIP is not required. 

The support leg has been developed and improved, and can now be extended with just one button, which is easier to access from the side.  

The cover has been improved, and the moment of taking on and off the cover has been simplified, so that the ability to wash the cover becomes easier. The headrest is thicker and cozier, for optimal comfort for the child when asleep. The unique feature of the headrest and internal harness, which automatically adjusts according to the child's length and size when you pull the belt, remains with a clearer brake. 

The self-tightening tether straps makes the installation smooth when the car seat is “wiggled” in place. The adjustable support leg in the front allows you to use five different positions for optimal slope for your child, depending on age and length. If more slope is needed, our angle adjusting wedge is a good addition. 

Axkid Minikid is approved 0-25 kg (approximately 125 cm, 6 years) and has received excellent reviews from several independent test institutes. It is Plus approved up to 25 kg, received the "Good Choice 2015" award by Folksam, "Best Cost Value" by Best-in-test.se and is Rollover approved by VCA. 

Axkid Minikid is always delivered with a black baby cushion, to provide better support for the youngest children. Axkid Minikid, 0-25 kg, does not replace the infant carrier. We always recommend starting use an infant carrier, because it is best suited for the smallest children. When your child has out-grown the infant carrier, Axkid Minikid is a good choice for your child to travel rear-facing for a long time. 

Axkid Minikid comes with one pair of tether straps, for use if the car doesn’t have pre-installed attachment loops. 


  • Usage: 0 - 25kg (recommended 6 months and above)
  • Enables rear-facing up to 125 cm 
  • Spacious and comfortable even for long children
  • 7 fixed positions for the headrest
  • 5 recline positions
  • Axkid Side Impact Protection
  • Self-tightening tether straps
  • Integrated harness and headrest that automatically adjusts 
  • Seat cover is machine washable at 30°
  • Installs with 3-point seat belt and self-tightening tether straps with load leg
  • Product Dimension: Width 44 cm x Height 62 cm x Depth 56 cm
  • Product Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Approved according to ECE R44/04
  • Plus approved up to 25 kg
  • "Good Choice 2015" by Folksam
  • "Best Cost Value" of Best-in-test.se
  • Tested and approved by REACH
  • Rollover approved by VCA

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