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Joie Signature Tourist

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Joie Signature Tourist™ 

This tiny traveller adds flash and function by pairing with the Joie ramble™ xl carry cot, your choice of Joie infant carrier and growing up into a slim-fit fully featured pushchair. Luxe and lightweight with an unbelievably tiny automatic fold that packs flat to fit anywhere. Finest of Function - Classic design matched with luxury materials and fabulous function. Leatherette Touches - Beautifully aged, cognac-hued faux leather accents say sweet elegance at every turn. Fancy Fold - Ultra compact automatic fold is operated with one hand, into a freestanding package for easy pack away. Lightweight Leisure - Packed with perks without packing on the kilos as one of the lightest weight, fully featured pushchair prams available at just under 6kg. Compact 3in1 - Celebrating form and function married together, this three in one system fits matching Joie™ signature infant carriers and the ramble™ xl carry cot.


  • Pairs perfectly with Joie infant signature infant carriers using maxi-cosi style adapters
  • Pairs perfectly with the Joie ramble™ xl carry cot
  • Beautiful lines with textured and woven fabrics
  • Bold block quilting with a soft touch and special effect Sleek high gloss frame
  • Luxury zipper pulls and accents in luxe faux leather texture
  • Full-size water repellent hood with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Height adjustable cognac-hued faux leather pushbar
  • Suitable from birth with flat reclining seat and included infant seat adapters
  • Full-size, easy access shopping basket
  • Ultra compact one-hand activated fold
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Single step, ShoeSaver brakes
  • Carry strap and custom carry bag included


Model: S1706
Open Size: l 86 cm x w 47 cm x h 106 cm
Folded Size: l 62 cm x w 47 cm x h 23 cm
Product Weight: 5.8 kg
Product Usage: birth to 15kg
Testing Certification: EN 1888-1:2018

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